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"A man's friendships are one of the best measures of his worth" ~ Charles Darwin.


Dan's art is an expression of his life. To understand his art, is to know the artist.

Feature Artwork - Nuda Veritas ~ Mensch und Metall

Dan's Bird Sculpture

Dan Attaching The Bird

Nuda Veritas ~ Mensch und Metall

"As the wind affects a bird, people effect each other.

Whether we do as much as we can, or very little, we affect each other.

We should all think about our effect."

In 2013 Dan was invited to attend a metal symposium in Ohrdruf, Germany. He would be one of five artists representing their home country. The theme was" Nuda Veritas ~ Mensch und Metall", or "Naked Truth ~ Man and Metal".

The location for the symposium was Tobias Hammer, a 500-year-old water driven hammer mill on the Ohr River.

The five artists each designed and built their individual sculpture using blacksmith techniques as well as modern metal tools, at times combing their skills to add support when needed. After five days there were six new sculptures.

Romero Metal Studio

Sculpture for Corporation in Cerritos


Dan Plasma Cutting

Visit with Dan at the Pomona Packing Plant in Pomona, CA.

Dan Romero's Metal Sculptures and Artistic Gates

Dan is an artist who creates in metal. Specialties include the recreation of hand wrought iron gates in the Arts & Crafts, Art Nouveau, Art Deco and Frank Lloyd Wright styles and Eclectic Metal Sculptures.

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